Catherine helps women and men with Life Transition, who feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed to implement changes in their daily life. With the use of evidence-based theories, counselling & coaching provide you with the tools you need.  You overcome your challenges and accept them; you understand with change comes new opportunities.

What is a Life Transition?

A Life Transition is a change; We are often resistant to change, which makes some transition harder. Most of us like to know what is next in our everyday lives; the unknown causes fear and stress.

In a relationship, if you experience separation, divorce or break-up. A new job, a layoff, a promotion, matter with finance. When you ask yourself, “who am I? what is my life purpose? What should I do?

If you find yourself lost, you have brain fog and don’t know what to do anymore; you feel stuck and cannot find an answer. You probably experience a Life Transition.

It happens after a significant change or loss; the situation lets you with a lot of unanswered questions, and you are unable to cope with the change. You have mix feelings and find yourself procrastinating with fears and anxiety.

What theories are use?

Humanistic Theory is an approach that emphasizes the importance of finding, “Who you are,” to have the fulfilling life you want.
You have your unique way of looking at the world; you do not see the same things as others.

Your view impact your choices and actions in your life, which included your career, relationships, finance and your health. You are a unique individual, with your strengths and flaws.

Holistic Approach transforms your perspectives on who you are, along with your perceptions of what is possible. It helps you see yourself in different ways and create healthy, joyful, exciting, and fulfilling lives. The body, emotions, mind, and experiences in life,  give some pieces of who you are, why you are here, and where you are going.


How Counselling & Coaching can help you?

Counselling & Coaching help you understand change is inevitable. Life goes on; you accept it or not. The key is to realize and learn to take the challenge; a change brings new opportunities into your life.

Counselling & Coaching support and guide you through the transition. You are not alone taking the steps toward your new life experience. Catherine offers you an open mind, attentive ears to listen without judgement and an open heart during your time in need.

We work together and fill your tools box, to learn acceptance of change, manage your stressors and feelings related to your situation.



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