Sensory bottle for calming

Easy sensory/calming bottle


Sensory bottle for calming

The sensory/calming bottle is simple and easy to make. You can create them yourself in a few minutes or have a toddler/preschooler help with the process. For a younger child, these glitter bottles make a great sensory toy. Kids are fascinated watching the glitter swirl around.
Calm down bottles help children relax and soothe themselves by focusing on the motion happening inside the calm down jar. They are an effective and easy way to help children focus on deep breaths and relaxing after a tantrum or meltdown.

The child shakes the bottle up and watches all of the glitters fall to the bottom; you can add anything you want inside to make your unique calm down jar.

The process takes approximately 2 minutes before it is ready to use. My preschooler made his bottle with red food colouring, glitters, and wild animals. I choose to prepare mine with blue food colouring, white and blue glitters and fishes.

When making the sensory or calm down bottles, children improve excellent motor development by grasping and picking up the small objects and placing them into the container. Sensory bottles are also a fun way to introduce math and science to your children at an early age. They can practice measuring supplies and objects to go into the bottle as well as guessing how much supplies they might need for their bottle.

What you will need.
  • Half of the baby oil
  • Half of the water
  • bottles
  • glitters
  • other objects you want to use for your sensory/calming bottle.

Sensory room for stress relieve


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