Turning 50 without stress


Turning 50

I just turned fifty a few weeks ago; I woke up feeling light and empower. No worry, stress or anxiety, about my new age was a great feeling!

I read a lot, months before turning fifty, and what I read was making me feel a bit worried about my age. Most of the articles are not glamorous for women turning my age. Some reports make me laugh as they were trying to sell what is best for women who turn 50. One particular, I cannot found it back, but this is some of the examples I remembered;” If you are long hair, cut them. Don’t wear jeans and wear clothes for women of your age.” It was full of doing like that and didn’t do that! At the end of the article, I was:” Can I breathe, or should I avoid that too?”


How to avoid all the stress?

Live your life and enjoy yourself more every day. Do not listen to people and do only what makes you happy. Be who you want to be, not what people expect or want you to be. Know who you are.

At 50, if you turn this age, be happy and thankful, a lot of people don’t make it. I lost friends and family members before they reached their fifty.

You know yourself better than everybody else, with age you gain a lot of experience, meaning you are wiser and knowledgeable. Time to listen to your inner voice and do what makes you happy; Travel, visit your old friends and family, do more self-care. Your happiness depends only on you, no one else. If you do not have a bucket list, make one.

Dress up, get up, you still have a lot to accomplish! Age is a number you can do a lot. I am 25, this is how I feel in my mind and my body (25 x 2=50) No one can alter my mind about that, and nobody tries anyway!

Look at all your success, small and big. When I look back at my life, I am proud of myself, I accomplish a lot, and not done. I was lucky to be able to travel, settle my life in Canada, opened my businesses, went back to school and have my degree in counselling/psychology. I have three kids; my daughter is 22 have a good job and finally, in a happy relationship. My middle son is 18; I could not ask more to have a son like him, at school, respectful and helpful. My little man is eight and growing nicely. ADHD is a struggle, but getting better with time, love, patience and work.

Be mindful, stay in the present, don’t dwell in the past and the occasions you have missed. I missed some, but in the end, my decision brought me to something and somewhere else better. Try meditation and yoga, if you have not yet, that help to stay in the now.

Have no regret, this is not helpful, and you cannot change anything. You have the power to change your present, as you are in control of the now. You are in control of your mind, the way you think, the food you eat, how you treat your body and the person you allow into your life.

Be with the person who makes you feel alive, who brings joy, laugh, love. It is your life and your time. Never stop to dream and have a goal. Be wild, be proud, be yourself! Find your inner child into you.



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