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Work and stress

Stress at work

We all need a job to pay the bills and make a living. Otherwise, we cannot afford life. A study shows that the majority of us deal with daily stress at work.

Stress is part of life and it can motivate and push you. Especially when you want to accomplish or finish something. Nothing can stop you; You do it. But if you don’t handle your stress; long-term, it can interfere with your job, family life, and health.

Stress around the world

More than half of the population around the world say they fight with friends and loved ones. When 70% say, they experience physical and emotional symptoms due to work stress.

Stress at work is number one on the scale. From this source: https://stlawyers.ca/blog-news/workplace-stress/ . One of four working Canadians has left a job due to stress, while 17% have considered it.

In the USA, Forty percent of workers experience office stress. One-quarter say work is the biggest source of stress in their life.

In France, a quarter of French workers are “hyper stress”. And half suffer from a high level of anxiety; a new study revealed.

This result is somehow not really encouraging. Everywhere you can hear people talking about stress, but It seems nothing changes. The mental health of the population word wild suffers from stress, anxiety, PTSD, trauma. More people took their lives, as they cannot find another solution to their distress. The population experience more addiction to find a way to stop their nightmare and find peace in their own way.

reason of sress at work
The causes of stress at work.

What are the causes of stress from work?

A healthy job is the one where the pressures on employees are appropriate in relation to their abilities and resources. The control they have over their work, and the support they receive from the management.

Consequences of a poor job

Spending more time at work, you do at home. It can leave you bringing your job with you and no spending enough time with your loved one. In the long-term, you may feel frustrated about not having time for you, your family, And lead to burnout.

The office politics change too often with more loads of work to be done. Too many unnecessarily long meetings, and new management who brings new policy. It can feel overwhelmed when change is too fast and deliver more work to do, with the time you start to be sick and taking sick leave.

You don’t feel treated with fairness in your workplace. Making you feel worthless and losing your self-esteem, which could involve the decision to quit your job. It goes along how you feel appreciate in your workplace.

Feeling you have no control over your job can make you feel distressed as this is also one of the components people leave their jobs.

I will add a few more as I feel they deserve more attention in the workplace.

Poor management

Number one, communication, it ‘s a problem in a lot of job at all levels. Taking this matter more seriously could make more sense. The way we communicate information to the people, could bring down the grief of miscommunication with a better understanding. It maybe brings a better atmosphere at work and less frustration.

Gossip is an unhealthy and destructive behaviour toward people. Leading to a poor workplace environment, wish people take sick leave and may not come back after well.

Leaders with poor leadership and management skills. Having someone who manages you but has no clue how to do it, put more pressure on the employees. Having no respect and using power struggle to get their way. This one is current; also, their lack of self-esteem shows up the way they communicate and handle some situations within the workplace.

Some workplaces put a lot of emphasis on a workshop on communication and management skills, but unfortunately, some skills you can learn and others you can’t. It is more a behaviour and personality problem instead of skills, when it’s happen at the management levels.

How to beat stress from  work
Beat the stress from work.

Beat the stress from work

The best way I find is to go for a walk and get some fresh air, it will revive your brain and change your mind. The stress will met away, at least for a certain amount of time depending of your stress level from work.

Take more breaks if you are able and meditate, go for lunch outside work with a coworker. Eat healthy instead of junk, your body and mind will be thankfull to you.

Exercises are a good stress release, and it ‘s good for you.

Schedule your day and start by the most important project you have to do. A good time management plan , will leave you with less stress to your daily day.

Find the root of your stress, focuses on the solution, but not of the problem and finally accept the fact you have pressure. Make the change to be happy; don’t less fears stop you. The most essential get helps if you need it. https://catherinealifecoach.com/2019/07/28/how-stress-may-affect-you-mentally-and-or-physically/ https://catherinealifecoach.com/2019/05/26/meditation-for-a-healthy-mind-and-body/


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