The Christmas Holiday's

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Stress-free during Christmas Holiday’s

Stress-free during Christmas

With Christmas Holiday around the corner, it can be overwhelming for some people. It is a busy month! Especially if you have kids at school, and you juggle between work and family. Having a stress-free during the Christmas holiday is my number 1.

I love this time of the year, but it is also a busy month. Between Christmas party, concert at school, exams if you have children in High school, without forgetting Christmas shopping.

How can you survive without burning yourself and enjoying this time of year?… Plan and plan way before the hot season start.

Escape the busy shopping in December

Star in November your shopping, will save time and money; As Christmas is closer the malls and other shops are more active, the parking lot is full, and sometimes you don’t even find a better price for the money you want to spend. Worse, they don’t carry anymore the items you wish to as they sold out. And you have to turn in a circle to find a parking place.

A little preparation makes a huge difference and will save you from the stress of the holiday.

How can you prepare early?

During the year, take note of what your family, friends wish for the present and buy them early. Buyin step by step helps with the budget, and you don’t have to spend a big chunk of money at one time. What your credit card will say “thank you”!

If you have no idea, buy gifts cards; usually, people love that as they can spoil themselves and get what they want. The usual coffee card, movie and guaranteed stores, you know, are a big hit.

Online shopping is an excellent way to find what you need; they often start to do reasonable prices in November. You can shop in your pj’s and no need for parking space. Everything delivered at your doorsteps. Stress-free!

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 Christmas menu

Plan your dinner, and buy everything you need, except fresh veggies/fruits, before the prices go up. Having a plan make life more comfortable as you can purchase and stock almost everything in advance.

Do the same with the wines, liquors and beers. As Christmas gets closer, the cost goes higher.


Take some time for yourself, don’t try to rush doing everything in once. Take your time and breath. Check your schedule before taking on more engagement. A to-do list is a great idea to keep track of what you need to do.

What is Self-care?

Keep in mind Christmas is about spending time together and enjoying the beauty of what life has to offer. Family and friends are the most important. Enjoy your family time!

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