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Grief & Loss at Christmas

Grief during Christmas

Not everybody has the chance to spend the holiday season with their loved ones or their family at Christmas. Many people battle grief and loss; this time of the year is challenging, and they feel lonely. Grief and Loss at Christmas can be difficult to appreciate the meaning of the season. Christmas is the time when family comes together to share a more delightful dinner. For many, they spend hours in the kitchen to bring some delicious dishes on the table for their guests. The house is ready, the Christmas tree is up with all the lighting and the decorations. The presents are wraps and under the tree to be discovered when the time comes. The family is ready to gather together at Christmas.

Enjoying Family at Christmas after a loss

It may feel insurmountable to enjoy the festivity after a loss. You have to remember, we as human as only one life. You need to live it and enjoy every second, you will not have a second chance. Time goes fast, losing time on blaming yourself, not allowing you to be happy, It is certainly not what your love one would like for you.

I lost a lot of essential persons in my life; one of them is my uncle, “Patrick.” We were closed, and more like brother-sister. The same year, two months later, my Granpa followed. My grandpa was a figure of a dad; my world collapse under my feet that year. Both were sick and I did not have a chance to see them before they leave.

With the years, many of my friends and family member left us. Christmas is a time of joy and in same time of loss.

Grief and loss at Christmas

What is grief?

People grieve in different ways, many experiences some or all of these emotions; They are totally normal in part of grief. Losing someone affects every aspect of your life, with the experience of mixed emotions. Denial or avoidance is a familiar feeling when death occurs suddenly. Sadness and anger generally follow, with a feeling of numbness. Many will cry and some cannot.

The guilt and self-reproach toward death is a normal emotion, especially when the loss is traumatic. Anxiety can lead to a panic attack; as you worry, you cannot cope with the loss and struggle to come to terms with what happened. You feel as you can’t live without the person you lose.

Loss at Christmas

How to overcome grief?

Give yourself the permission to experiences any emotions who come to you, acknowledge them. It ‘s part of the healing after a lost.

Keep the tradition alive, the same as you was doing before, to keep the memories alive. If it’s too painful, change them to make your own tradition.

Talk about them with your family and friends, they are not with you physically, but inside your heart forever.

Self-carehttps://catherinealifecoach.com/2019/04/18/self-care-nuture-yourself-with-simple-steps-love-yourself/, be gentle with yourself and take the time to immerse yourself in all pamper you can.

Get the support you need from your friends, family, do not isolate yourself from everybody. Keep shinning, moving and living.

Take the time you need to grief at your peace and heal from the loss. In regards to the loved one who left you, live your best life for them. They are not physically with you, but always in your heart and your memories. Keep them alive to live your life. They want the best for you and happiness.


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