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New Year and the changes

New years, new goals

2020 is on the way, and we are leaving 2019 behind us. Many people expected New Year brings everything new. In reality, if you do not make some change on your own, nothing changes.

If you are dissatisfied with what is happening in your life, it ‘s the time to clean up what is not deserving you, and start fresh. Make the change where you want improvement. Don’t wait because of fears, a year goes fast. The more you wait, the more it is difficult to act. Be brave, honest, open mind and bold to bring something you want into your life.

One step to make the change for the New Year

Have a goal to make the change

Having a goal it’s one of the first steps, but before making a goal, you need to know what you want and where you want to make some change in your life. New year’s is coming start to plan for 2020.

How to make a plan?

Take some time and reflect on your life. Do it when you can focus on yourself and no one can disturb you. Take a long walk, it helps open your mind and bring a fresh view or do a meditation. Whatever helps you discover, the path and change you are ready to make. But more importantly the effort you are ready to make to attain your goals.

Asks yourself the right questions, if you do not know it’s probably wise to seek help and guidance to determine your goals.

Create your goal

SMART-A measurable goal

What is a SMART?

SMART is a tool that provides everything you need to have an achievable goal. It guides and supports you to follow any plan you have in your mind.

It’s clear and trackable, you can make change any time, if you have too.

S. Specifi , define your goal as much as possible. Who is involved? What do you want to accomplish? The reason, purpose and requirement.

M. Measurable, can you track your progress and How you will? Can you measure your outcome? How do you know when your goal is attaint?

A. Achievable, can you accomplish your goal? Is it reasonable enough? Have a goal you can achieve, but also it should not be too easy.

R. Realistic, is your goal relevant? Will it meet your present needs? Is it consistent with immediate and long-term goals?

T. Timely, included a time limit to achieve it, with a month, year and day. It helps with your time management.

Goal vs Resolution

A goal is tangible and achievable. It ‘s something you want to change and attain. When you have a plan you make an effort and do whatever it takes to get it. It is an ambition to bring you something better, can be a job, relationships, finance and health. You can measure a goal.

On another hand, you have the resolutions. Many people make new resolutions within the new year, but they never stick to it. The reason is simple, without a plan you have nothing. It’s more like a thought. You think of something you maybe should do, like losing weight, changing your job, or have better finance. In the end, it’s just in your mind or maybe you tell your relatives about that, to feel more confident you will do it.

To bring your resolution into a plan, you have to put it on paper and establish the SMART goal, to know exactly how you will process in a timely manner



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