Your health is your wealth



You matter

Your health is your wealth! When was the last time you have your check-up with your family doctor? A well ago, probably. Many people, including myself, do not often see a doctor as often as we should do. Unless someone needs immediate attention, or to a point, it is concerning.
Fears of an illness stop many of us from making an appointment with a doctor; or just taking the time for us.


Our worries come mostly from our childhood. Some images traumatized us, or we heard our family talking about an illness. We couldn’t understand what happens, but we could feel fears, anxiety and stress. We saw and experienced the emotions mental and physical of sadness; invaded our immediate social environment. Something chocked us, and now our triggers come back every time we revive the same feeling of sadness, worries and concerns.
It‘s maybe a good idea to take control of your health and have a check-up. To feel better, you have to be better. To make a significant change, you have to know your roots. Everything started with a source; learn to change your behaviour and face the fear of sickness. A coach or therapist who specializes in worries, anxiety, stress and trauma, can help you. They use different theories and tools to help you regain power over your fears.


You matter

Your health

Now ask yourself; What is more concerning? Knowing you are sick and can make the change to feel better and improve your overall. Or you prefer not learning, and in that case, you do nothing as you don’t know. But the more you wait, the more it can be fatal when you do not have adequate treatment or wait too long.

Your health is your wealth; too often, we take our health for granted; But if we do not take care of us mentally and physically, illness can come without invitation into your life. That‘s the reason a healthy lifestyle; it’s essential. Many veggies, fruits, water, sleeping enough at night, exercises, meditation, and mindfulness; are the basic to stay healthy. It cannot protect you from all illness, but it helps to take good care of yourself, and it scientifically prove. You have to make a change and see the difference for yourself.

Your health is your wealth.

You work hard to make a living toward your wealth, but it comes with a prize if you do not keep a balance. Being wealthy; doesn’t ensure your health. When you get sick, it costs your wealth as you have to invest in your health to work. It may cost everything you do hard in your life. When you forget to maintain focus on your health during your daily routine. But the most significant wealth is health; your health is your wealth. We don’t give enough importance to our health until we face illness. Work is essential in life, but not as important as our health.
Keep the focus on your mind and body, meaning your physical and mental health. If one in unbalance, you put at risk your whole “you.” Self-love brings self-care to get your equilibrium and happiness.

Your health is your wealth

Your job is not as worthy as your balance.

Let me explain; it is my own experience. I worked for four years for a non-profit society; the first two years were great. I have the right balance mentally and physically, with support in my workplace and many flexibilities. A pleasant atmosphere was what I like and need to give my best at my work.
After these two years came to a lot of change, with the management and more micromanagement. A lot of new policy what brings more workloads, but not the salary. Many people started quitting their job; the atmosphere was changing. I could feel a lot of stress, gossip; it was not healthy anymore. A lot happened, but I keep pushing. The reason was simple: I have a few benefits, with health insurance, and vacation time and a monthly salary. Seem fair, but not so much. My health started to decline, I was more sensible, and my immune system was going down. Stress was taking over; it influences not only my health but also my relationship and everything around me until I put a stop to it.

Your balance is worth it.

I planned a vacation to Europe to see my family and friends for one month; France’s last trip was eight years ago. I never took a lot of leave during my time at work. It usually was a few days here and one week during summer. Anyway, I asked for the vacation one year before, yes, one year. I like to plan, and it’s a lot of planning and organization with everyone. The flight tickets were bought for myself and my two boys. As early as September the year before to have a good deal and plan the trip as It was also part of the 18 birthday of my oldest son.
I fill out the request for my one month vacation early enough to give them plenty of time to approve and find a solution when I was gone. The management agreed for this length of time for many of my coworkers without a problem.

Every month I asked for the approval, strictly for seven months, but nothing; every time I hear, I need to have a meeting; one month is too long, excuses after excuses.
I have enough with that, and after no answer from the management, one morning, they asked for more work from my side and paperwork as part again of new policies. My termination letter was not in my mind before I came to work, but it was ready in five minutes after that. Just after I gave it to the management, the relief took effect by doing what was the best for myself.

Your balance
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Know yourself

I am not sick like I used to be as my immune system is better as my stress is gone. I finally enjoy doing what I love in my terms. Your work is only a job; they will replace you quickly. Your health in revanche it‘s what you have the most precious. Unfortunately, people recognize it when they are sick, and it’s too late. The good news is that it is never too late to take care of yourself and make it a priority.
You quit and want another job; it’s easy to find something else if you are proactive. You lost your health; it influences everything around you, work, money, relationships, and not easy to have it back. What is worth a job that will replace you in minutes, or your health can lose for a job, over stress, anxiety?

Your health is the greatest thing in your life.

We don’t ever imagine something devastating can happen to the person we love or to us. The disbelieved is intense and unrealistic; it may happen to a family member, friend or us. Too often, we feel invincible and denied something could change in the space of a few hours, days, weeks, or months.

We forget how it is essential to be healthy, taking care of us and be happy. In today’s world, where we pushed to have more money, spend more, buy things and forget about the true meaning of life. When illness touches us personally, we are in disbelieve and in total chock. To remedy, listen to your body, though, make the change where you do not find any more meaning. Put your fears on the side; they don’t serve you. Trust in yourself, and you’re well-being. Start living today, not tomorrow.

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your healht is your greatest thing to have in your life.

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