How to stay positive?




Stay positive


In those unprecedented times, staying positive may be challenging. Some days you feel great, and some others a bit down; It is normal to have upside-down; each day is different. Unfortunately, nobody can predict the next days or next months. You may feel you have no control over your life right now; what we knew before is gone; It’s a life transition for all of us, which brings many changes.

You have the power of how you react to those uncertain times. You have two choices to keep a positive attitude or stay with a negative mindset. One helps you moving forward; the other brings you into a  deep down uncomfortable feeling of anxiety, stress and other stress-related disorders.


How to stay positive?

Always focus on the positive instead of the negative. Why? Positive brings you more positivity in your life; If you ever complain and look only at the negative, you attract more negativity. How? Let me tell you a story.

One morning I wake up cranky, I did not sleep well at night, my mind was full of all the negativities from my work at that time. I was not happy anymore with nothing.  Improve your Stress-Anxiety.

All-day, I had a bad day, with a shorter acceptance of everything. It affected all the people around me as they could see I was mad and frustrated. It was not better at home, especially with my little man, who has a short temper due to his ADHD/ODD. My day was just insane; I just wanted to sleep because negativity affected my mind and body. It started by forgetting my coffee mug, so no morning coffee. I came to work, and I put more stress on myself as I was not happy to be there and not having my coffee did not help the feeling. In short, it was nothing about the people around me, but about myself and how I respond to the stressors.

If I rewind that day, I waked up feeling good, without too much sleep. I don’t forget my coffee, have a better day at work, and indeed will not lose my temper with my boy. Only with one positive through to start my day, to have a great one. It changes the all way between negativity to positivity to change the outlook.

Our body is energy; we attract what we send. When we smile, people around us respond with a smile; if we are mad, you get the same response.



energy from the body


How to have a positive mindset?


It takes practice to have a positive mindset; the more you do it, the more it’s easier. You don’t run a marathon without any preparation; It’s the same principle with everything in life.


Seven tips to achieve a positive mindset


  1. Positive affirmation- Start your day with a positive statement. Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Tell yourself, “Today it’s a good day” or “It’s awesome today.”  Your day improves with a positive attitude. It takes time to practice,  but with effort comes comfort.
  2. Focus on the good- Nothing is perfect in life; focusing on the bad instead of the good does not help to have a positive mindset. Be grateful for what you have and the good things you have in your life— same the small things, like having food, good friends. You have something to be grateful for every day.
  3. Humourkeep your sense of humour; you can always find something funny in a bad situation. It would help if you changed the perspective of how you see things. Watch a funny movie; a laugh is right for you.
  4. Turn mistakes into a lesson- Mistake is usual to make, take it as a life lesson. No one is perfect; we all do and make mistakes. It how you learn to be better; don’t focus on what did not work, but how can you improve next time.
  5. Harmful to positive self-talk-Talk to yourself with love and respect. Don’t internalize bad feelings. When you catch yourself, stop and replace the negative messages with positive ones.
  6. Be mindful- That means stay in the present moment. You don’t know what can happen in the next hours, month or year. Focus on now and enjoy it. Mindfulness and how to be mindful?
  7. Positive people- Make sure you are around positive people; They uplift you. You feel better around your family, friends, who have an upbeat for life. When you have a negative person around, they make you feel more miserable. Negative attracts negativity; Positive attracts positivity.


  1. Exercise-Moving is right for your mind. When you feel good in your body, your mental follows and feels excellent. Go outside for a walk, jog, yoga, whatever feels right for you. Exercise at least 20 minutes by day and increase step by step.
  2. Eat healthily-You feed your body and your mind when you eat. Increase your amount of veggies and fruits. For a healthy snack, check
  3. Sleep –A good night of sleep helps with your mental. If you cannot sleep, you are not in the present. Relax your mind with breathing exercises and listen to soft music to help you fall asleep.



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Keep positive



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  • Be optimist in all negative situation; All situation is temporary, nothing is forever. You live in motion.
  • Live in a positive environment and cultivate your positivity—one seed at the time.
  • Go slow, don’t rush anything. All good things come at the right time.
  • Don’t make a mountain out of small things. Choose your battle wisely.
  • Don’t let your fears hold you back from doing what you want and make you happy. Happiness is a choice.
  • Add value and positivity to someone else’s life.
  • Learn to take criticism healthily.
  • Don’t keep grudge; it only hurts yourself.
  • Forgive people who did wrong to you and move on.
  • Always choose happiness.
  • Keep smiling; you are beautiful.

Never forget your happiness is in your hand. You always have the choice to be positive to have the life you want.


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