How to Overcome your fears?




We humans have fears. You may not be aware of some of your worries, but some of your behaviours come from fears and may impact your daily life and the way you function.

Fears keep you safe, but they can also stop you from having new experiences, thoroughly enjoying life, and taking risks.

If your fears are overwhelming, the distress coming from them interferes with your ability to function. You may experience intense anxiety, nervousness, and panic attack.

Take some time to reflect on your concerns and notice how they affect you. They may stop you from moving forward to the life you want.

Take this into consideration:

  •  Fear causes intense anxiety or panic.
  •  Recognizdon’ty are not rational.
  • You don’t want to go to specifics places or avoid some situations.
  •  Avoidance causes you distress and interferes with your life.

When you worry for a long time, you cannot keep them under control; It may be a phobia or anxiety.


What are the fears?

Fear is an emotion; it is a program to an instinct of potential danger. When you experience concerns, your brain’s specific area gets to activate and control your response to fears.
It can come from a multitude of events or stimuli which are deep inside you.

Some fears take their roots since you are a child; you could have been scared of something at this stage of your life. The child’s most common worries are dark, being alone, separation anxiety, ghost, and monsters.

Although they disappear when we grow up, they occasionally stay and develop into phobias, or fears, that interfere with your daily lives. Their roots are deep and hard to defeat. They are irrational thoughts and make you believe things that block you from living your life to the fullest.

Your fears are real to you. Your body warns you to don’something is not right; don’t ignore it. The challenge is to understand where your concerns come from, to change you throughDon’t learn to conquer them. Don’t let the distress in your life stop you from doing what you want.


Fears during Stay at home

A lot of people experienced some level of fear during the confinement; It is entirely reasonable. The life we know is not there anymore and probably for a long time. We have to adjust what they call ” The new normal.” We saw businesses closing, lined up at the store—the uncertain of what next after the pandemic. If you have kids, homeschooling your child, if you were lucky to work from home, the stress of juggling between school and drive—my life change, like yours. I deal between homeschooling my grade 3, taking my other son back and forth to his work, House management and my online Coaching. He takes time to adjust to all those changes in a blink of an eye.

It took perseverance, motivation, and a lot of scheduling to accommodate my family and my obligation. I feel blessed as my life did not change so much as before the virus in some ways.

I have some fears and stress coming from all the new accommodations; we go through. It was not easy to find my balance, and it took some time and organization.


How to overcome your fears

To overcome your fears, be honest and open with yourself. Make a list of the reason for your worries. What can you change to feel better? Fears bring stress, which brings mental and physical issues.

I do not have cable, so television is not a problem in my household. In counterpart, I used social platforms; I had to stop reading for a well and step back from all social media. It was too much to take with all the bad news every minute. Of course, they will not give you some useful information; it’s part of their job. The name is propaganda and mind control. The reason is simple: they brainwashed you, with all-day lousy news on the pandemic and the people hospitalized or died.

To calm your mind

You have a television, radio, internet, phone and e-mail; all day long, they repeat the same thing on the pandemic. Fears bring more fear; it doesn’t calm you but acts as a stressor.

To take control of your mind, stop reading or listen to the news; trust me, it will help you. When you don’t know, you go in your life without having any concerns. Instead, listen to music, which makes you happy and upbeat. Benefits of Meditation

Keep your internal balance with meditation and yoga; both apport a sense of calmness and quiet your busy mind. Focus on you; it changes your ability to conquer all kinds of anxiety due to the crazy world today. The benefits of yoga

Try to keep a regular schedule to get up and bedtime. Our routine change is more set to have one, but it is essential for your mental and physical well-being. To ease the time to go to bed, exercise during the day, and listen to quiet music at night to fall asleep. Avoid, games, tv and junk food before your bedtime.

Go outside and have a walk or jog in nature, park; Great to have fresh air and bring positivity in your life.

Keep in contact with your friends and family, have a conversation by phone, chat or in-person; that’s important to keep in touch with people. Please don’t stay in isolation and connect with someone. We, humane, need contact with others to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Make plans and goals for what you want to do, something to look for to keep you motivated.

To keep a sound immune system.

Stress and anxiety are not suitable for your health and attack your natural immunity. The immune system plays a vital role in protecting us from microbes and germs. To keep it in good condition, you can follow those simple steps.

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Published by Catherine A. Life Coach

Thank you for taking the step of seeking support. Catherine is a counsellor/psychologist, a certified relationship and family coach, Stress Management Coach, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner and other relevant qualification. Over 20 years in helping clients with relationship issues and feeling good in their mind and body.

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