Love in a relationship

Love in a relationship

Love in a relationship can mean so many different things for people. It’s about emotions, feelings, personality and the right mindset. Not everyone has the same experience with love. But we are all looking for the right person, who will open our hearts and fall in love. It should bring you joy, security, and a sense of belonging.

What is love in a relationship?

Love keeps a relationship healthy and stable; without love, you do not have a relationship. You may be sexually attracted to your partner, but that does not mean you love your partner. Not having a base of loving feelings for your partner, once the sexual spark dies, you will become bored; It’s call lust.

 To build and have a strong bond as a couple take time. Nothing happens in one night. It’s only when you and your partner share your thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, fears and hopes. The relation can grow deeper.
Love is generous; you give to each other without any expectation of return. It is what it takes for a deeper partnership. You do that to show your support & love to each other. 

Being in love means desiring your partner’s happiness, admiring them for the individual they are, and feeling motivated to be a better person. When you are in love, your relationship goes beyond a simple physical attraction.

Love & relationship

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What is the meaning of love?

The meaning of love is choosing to grow with another person. Love is acceptance without any judgment about that person; You take the bad and the good. When you love, you go through life with them. Love is patient, and most of all, you have to understand your partner. Communicate effectively and listen to their request and need. It may test you and require changes, but in the end, it is worth the journey.

A lengthy study from Harvard researchers suggests that love is the key to a happy and satisfying life. Two essential ingredients bring a good existence; The first one is love, and the other is coping with experience not to push love away.

While many of us want to be in love, we have to take action to allow love to flow throughout our lives and relationships. You need to have the right mindset to let love in your life. After bad experiences, we defend ourselves against love; Many of us put our wall so high, no one can come close to us. Learn to let go of past experiences and explore the full meaning of love.

What are the seven qualities of love?

Acceptance– Allowing your partner to be who he/she is, without any need to change them. The complete acceptance of their flaws; it’s love.

Unconditional– Love without any conditions. Indeed be in love with someone is giving your affection without limitation. Acceptance of their difference while taking them for who they are, not for what you want them to be. Freely love them, with no reservation. You do not have any expectations and wish for their happiness. You are selfless to enjoy unconditional love.

Selfless– It does not want anything in return because you do what it takes with a pure heart. Do not look for someone to fill your needs when you love someone, be selfless. Care about the well-being of your partner. Love the other wholeheartedly. 

Effortless-You never has to force something to please the person. Love is in the simplest things you do together, with no need to convince or force anything on each other. You enjoy every minute with your partner; it is natural.

Respect-It is an essential factor to keep love alive. You give each other space for personal growth and respect the boundaries of each other.

Trust- This is the necessary foundation between two people who love each other. To trust others, you have to trust yourself, meaning you need to put confidence in the relationship. Without trust, your connection will fail.

Communication-For any relationship to succeed, you need to understand how to communicate and understand each other. Communication means learning how to express your feeling without blame and hurtful words. Communicate openly about everything is the secret of a kind and lasting relationship.


Build a healthy relationship

To build a healthy relationship follow those easy steps.

  • Share your interests and spend time together; it will grow your relationship.
  • Mutual support for growth, your motivation will be higher; you will feel invincible.
  • Emotional intimacy, communicate effectively together—express gratitude & appreciation. Understand your partner by listening attentively. Maintaining a loving relationship requires actions & expression towards your partner—a reminder, action talk louder.
  • True companionship, listen to your partner, take care of yourself, be honest and stay true to yourself.
  • Kiss and touch often take time for both of you, without distraction. Say “I love you” & keep the love in your life.
  • Respect each other to keep the trust alive.
Love in relationship

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