Online Dating Tips

Online dating tips
Online dating tips

Online dating tips are here to help you; today, more people turn online to find love. I will share with you some crucial online tips. Social distancing and not being able to travel as we used to change the way to connect with others.

Already before the change happened within us, the convenience of online dating was widely used.

Do you know how to be successful at online dating and how to be safe with dating online? The Internet is great, but you also have a lot of predators out there. The tips give to you are to attempt your safety and recognize the underlining of some non-scrupulous people.

How to be successful online?

It takes some effort to be successful and find the right person for you. You need to invest time and do some research. Besides, you have to find the right apps for you before starting your shopping. To see the right person takes time and commitment, as It look-alike like shopping for your dream home or car. You have to be selective to find your potential date, but you have to be honest and authentic to attract the right person.

Five tips for online dating

Those 5 tips for online dating get you start to set up you to success.

  1. Choose wisely your app or website – Online dating is more popular than ever; it can feel overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of online dating. Those sites & apps help you find the partner you want as they provide the tools to connect with people. When you decide on the right dating site for you, consider who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. Check the membership price or if it’s free to use to find your love. Make sure it’s easy to use to connect with your potential date.
  2. Profile picture-You probably knows the proverb”Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but on the online dating game, the first impression you give makes potential date contact you. Your profile picture is the key to your success. Keep in mind, don’t put a pic from ten years ago if you want to find the right person. Stay true to who you are and not who you used to be.
  3. Profile description-Write a profile where you show who you are, and not one most people expect or want. You want to attract the right partner into your life, states what you believe, your inspiration. Don’t try to be someone else to please everyone; It’s your time to shine.

Connect & meet

  1. Connection- You find someone you want to connect with, starts on a lighter note. Be yourself, don’t try to impress too much, or it may bring the opposite of what you are looking for; Stay simple, short and sweet. Stay on your secure chats apps, don’t give too much personal information and see where things go first.
  2. Meeting-You are ready to meet someone, go for a coffee for the first time. At least if you don’t click together, your meeting can be shorter. Avoid checking on your phone and giving full attention to your date by respect first, and It gives you a real chance to see if you have a genuine connection outside the world of the internet.

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How to be safe while dating online?

Stay safe online

When it comes to online, safety is primordial; particularly when dating, you like to think you know all. Scammers and fraudsters¬†are also online, ready to get their prey. To stay safe online, you need extra precautions to stay off the predators’ target but significantly recognize them. Being aware gives you an advantage, not to fall for their tricks.

Actual danger

 The danger from scammers online is genuine, and no, it doesn’t happen only to others. They take advantage of people looking for partners via dating websites, apps or social media. They pretend to be prospective companions and play on emotional triggers to get you to provide money, gifts or personal details. Scammers create fake online profiles designed to attract you in their fishing line.

Dating and romance scammers express strong emotions for you in a short period and claim to be from another country, but travelling or working overseas often.

They play with your emotional state by trying to get your trust. Telling you everything you want to hear about a loving relationship and playing the perfect partner.

Scammers take their sweet time to gain your interest and trust. They are sending you loving letters or texts, sharing some personal information. It may take weeks or months to build what seems a romance of a lifetime. To make everything look legit, they may pretend to visit you one day.

Once they have your trust and your walls are down, they ask for money or gifts, pretending to need a personal or business emergency. 

Don’t fall for it; love is about feelings; If anyone asks you for substantial monetary, it’s a scam. Stop all contact as soon as you find out.

broken heart love sad
Romance scam

Cost of romance scams on the rise

The Better Business Bureau says romance scams are on the rise, and It costs victims millions of dollars in Canada and the U.S. From 2015 to 2018, more than $1 billion was lost by victims from both sides of the border.

Amount lost

$2 593 800

Number of reports


Reports with financial losses


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