During the pandemic

Mental effects

Pandemic and mental health

During the pandemic, many experts warn isolation to worsen or trigger mental health problems. Our Elderlies are socially isolated or lonely in ways that put their health at risk.

Our elderly and social distancing

Social distancing and loneliness are a severe threat. Though it’s hard to measure at this present moment, strong evidence suggests that older adults with social isolation and loneliness are associated with an increase in early death, dementia, heart disease and more. Older people are more at risk as they are living alone or in long-term residence. Many lose their family and friends without any acquaintance to come to visit them, as they live with chronic illness without choice to be in a long-term residence or nursery home. Due to their incapacity to take care of them. Often the family has no other opportunity when they decide to get support for their loved one. Not having many or any visits during the pandemic lockdown, the elderly feel lonelier than ever.

Keep the connection during the pandemic

It’s detrimental to their mental and physical health; Government agencies pushed to stay connected virtually, but it is not suitable for all older people. All humans need secure connection; by talking, touching, hugging, and elderlies need that closeness to feel alive. Families want to make sure their loved ones have all the support they need. It’s crucial to keep a non-social distance from our elderly. Social isolation with our seniors is linked to increased depression and suicide, consequently decreasing the immune system as their connection with the outside world is non-existent.

What can you do?

During the pandemic, be present for them and visit them often to ensure they have adequate support for their unique case. Not to mention, it broke my heart since I hear some elderly did not get food from anyone who helps; they could not feed themselves, or no freshwater was available for them. And worse, garbage was full, no ventilation in their room with close windows and door. Some families found they love one completely abandon in their bedroom, and nobody checks on them. Unlikely, by the restriction put in place in their long-term residence, nursery home, or staff’s shortness. In both situations, it should never happen.

How to keep them healthy?

Bring them outside to get some fresh air and sun; it boosts the immune system. Talk, laugh, make your elderly listen to music. Listening to music has a remarkable psychological benefit as it improves their mood, and above all, reduces stress and anxiety. You can look at the full benefits here www.music2spark.com/2011/11/28/the-elderly-how-music-benefits-their-health/

Keep older people active mentally and physically as best as you can. If you can let them see their grandkids, the benefits include health improvements, emotional support and enhance socialization skills. Knowledge and tradition are passing on to their grandchildren. Let them make memories that will stay forever. Happiness comes from the soul; enjoying life keeps you healthy. 

Keep your love one Happy and healthy during the pandemic.

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Face mask and elderly

Our seniors do not need face masks to keep them safe; actually, it is more harmful. Several studies find significant problems with wearing a mask. From headaches to airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, to hypoxia, all the way to serious life-threatening complications. Anyone that has trouble breathing should never wear a mask. I saw some elderly with a face mask, and I could see they couldn’t breathe properly, not only that, but it’s not comfortable. You want to help them and be healthy, give them love and attention they crave, instead of a mask.

“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD

Unfortunately, no one is telling the frail elderly and those with lung diseases, such as COPD, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, of these dangers when wearing a facial mask of any kind, causing a severe worsening of lung function. It also includes lung cancer patients and people with lung surgery, especially with partial resection or even removing a whole lung. https://www.globalresearch.ca/

Face cover and children

Those two children wear a mask. You know what I miss by looking at the picture; It’s a beautiful smile and facial expression. By having a cover on our face, we lose our individuality. It’s like losing a piece of yourself.

Now, I want you to imagine; the kids are wearing the same clothes and colours. Their masks are the same. Add some google or glasses. Could you recognize who is who in a group setting?

Children with face mask during pandemic

Would do recognize someone with a mask cover?

It could be your kids. When everybody looks the same, it is hard to see people. That’s the reason without a mask; your child is less at risk to be abducted. But alongside, maybe harder to find a missing child when everybody still looks the same with a face mask cover up almost all their faces.

The first Canadian statistics on missing children were released in 1987. There were 57,233 children reported missing that year. In 2019, 40 425 reports of missing children in Canada were reported by the RCMP using numbers provided by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

In any given year, between 70,000 and 80,000 people reported missing to police in Canada. While most of them found within seven days, missing person cases can be extremely stressful for the family and loved ones. https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/missing-persons

This young lady wears a face mask, black glasses and a hat. If she was missing, could you recognize her?

pandemic and social distancing. New normal?

Our children and social distancing

Our children, like everyone else, had their lives turn around by social distancing measures. Schools closed without any warning, all activities cancelled and restricted visits with friends & family.

Kids are most likely to be affected psychologically. With social distancing in schools and daycare where implemented, the trauma and stress in the last few months may lead to PTSD later into their lives. Healthy mind, healthy kids.

Young people learn best by role modelling, via their teacher, peers, family, Social distancing. For now, everything is cut from the model outside the family. Yes, of course, parents are a big part of teaching their children, but the environmental and social issues are missing with a significant role in the pandemic case. The children learn a lot from their peers and develop social skills by interacting with each other; rather than social distancing.

Kids and face mask

Happy life, Happy Kids- before pandemic

Our children are all beautiful and impressive from a parent’s point of view. We are so proud of our kids, and we love looking at them smiling, with their unique facial expression; we find that so cute and sweet. But now, with the port of masks mandatory almost everywhere in the world; How can we enjoy those special moments of smiles and facial expressions with a mask? A face mask to be effective should cover from the chin to under the eyes. Now they are trying to push to wear google. What next?

A child younger than two years of age should not wear a mask, and children with breathing difficulties or a cognitive impairment that makes them unable to remove the cover without assistance should also not wear masks. Parents should feel comfortable that they can still monitor their child’s breathing, and if a mask prevents this, it should not be worn—Dr. Jason Brophy, pediatric- physician, for infectious disease.

Face mask for child and endanger.

Take care of yourself to help others

Take care of yourself to help others, implement self-care in your routine. Taking sometimes for you is not selfish, but instead, it’s mentally and physically healthy. Meditate to ground yourself; it also supports to decrease the stress and anxiety level.  Go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine and clear your mind. You will feel better and ready to help your family. As adults, we struggle to find a balance in the new routine, which may affect our children. It is normal to feel like that. It can be hard to adjust to change. But feeling stress and worry, and passing down to our young is not to no one’s best interest. Never forget your child learns from you, as they look at you!

Children of all ages need positive relationships with family and peers to deal with emotions and protect them from depression and loneliness. But, with social distancing, they miss a big part of their social. Your role as a parent is to help them grow healthy, mentally and physically. School-age children and adolescents are affected the most by social distancing wish may lead to trauma. Please don’t neglect your teens; they may have more predisposition to suicidal thoughts.

How do some parents feel?

For the sake of my child’s mental health, after a couple of months, I let him be a kid and enjoy his childhood by allowing him to play, interact and have a life with his peers. He sleeps well again; having a social life brings back his self-confidence, a joy to have a piece of normality back in his routine before the pandemic. The kids need a sense of routine during the abnormal time we all experience. Having a breath of fresh air make all the difference.

Mental health and social distancing do not go well together. We all have a choice in our hands. Keep the fears and stress without living, live, and let our children have a childhood and be kids.

I believe there will be psychological effects on our children when they return to an environment filled with distancing and sanitizing and masks. N.K

Its the media sending messages to the public. More brainwashing. I don’t know any parents who think this is a good idea. It’s mentally damaging for them. What child is going to keep a mask on their face? This is completely wrong. R.D

A child needs social skills, same during pandemic.

How can you help your kids during the pandemic?

Have a routine in place for them; a schedule supports your child to feel safe by knowing what comes next, especially when they have a disability. Spend time with them, play games, go outside and enjoy the sunny days; Their immunes systems get more robust. Do some sports dependant on their abilities and ages, moving their bodies and getting strong; they stay busy, healthy, and happy.

Introduce your kids to meditation, yoga. It will help them stay ground, and by doing that, their stress level will go down, and their sleep will enhance.

Your health is your wealth

Keep them healthy by introducing more veggies and fruits in their diet, and less sugar, along with less junk food. Their immune system grows stronger by adding nourishing food.

And last but not least, laugh, dance, hug and kiss. Enjoy and appreciate every day, make memories which stay for a life long. Don’t forget you are a role model for your children if you are stress and anxiety. Your kid’s reactions will be the same as yours. Show them happiness, love, and the most important, be mindful when you are with your loved one. Practice self-care and support your kids as they learn from you. Importance of self-care

Freedom of choice-

In my own opinion mask should be an option for people. We had so many disinformation’s, coming from everywhere; The choice should be ours.

Underlying health problem

The mask is mandatory in many countries; Many governments pushed everyone to wear a mask inside and outside. Unfortunately, not everybody can cover their face and feel safe to do it. Let be exact, with a face mask, if you wear one to protect over, but it does not protect you; You only do it to have a sense of protection.

Wearing one to feel safe with a sense of protection can help some of you; it’s great to do it. But many people cannot have their face cover-up.

No mandatory mask

Anxiety-Panic attack-Face mask anxiety is worse for people with a history of anxiety disorder, panic disorder and claustrophobia. Wearing a face mask feels; they are in a tight space. The face cover by the mask is so vast; it amplifies the heat coming from the hood. In this regard, anxiety increases.  The filtration devices on some protectives masks also increase airflow resistance, making it difficult to breathe correctly. It can provoke a flight-or-fight response that stimulates anxiety.

Asthma-Lung problem- The people who have asthma or lung conditions should not wear a face mask. It makes it difficult to breathe, experts warn. There is evidence that prolonged use of face masks in people with pre-existing lung disease causes some build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the body.

Other underlying conditions- Bring the same effects or worse for some people when they wear masks. A face mask should be to keep you healthy, not making you sick.

Disability- Should not wear a mask to risk the person not to regulate and have extreme anxiety. If not able to take care of the cover by themselves, it is not safe for them.

What people have to say

I have mental and physical health reasons and am doing everything I can not raise my kids in a world of fear. I’m so freaking frustrated. I’ve worked so hard on my mental health issues and physical health to be told by pro maskers that my problems don’t matter. Clearly, they don’t understand panic attacks and anxiety. If there was hardcore proof that masks worked to stop spreading a virus (which are a naturally occurring part of being human) and they were utterly safe, then maybe I could get on board for high-risk places. But there is no evidence I’ve seen showing they do anything for viruses, and I hyperventilate the moment I put one on. If people want to wear them to make them psychologically feel better, then OK, but don’t mandate it for all of us. K.V

I am fighting a graves’ disease and heat intolerance. I could wear a mask if they want to set the AC to less than ten degrees. N.K

Many people have concern

Face masks, from government of Canada- recommendation-

Appropriate use of non-medical mask or face covering

When worn correctly, a person wearing a non-medical mask or face covering can reduce his or her infectious respiratory droplets’ spread.

Non-medical face masks or face coverings should:

allow for easy breathing

fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops

maintain their shape after washing and drying

change as soon as possible if damp or dirty

 comfortable and not require frequent adjustment

 made of at least two layers of tightly-woven material fabric (such as cotton or linen)

 large enough to completely and comfortably cover the nose and mouth without gaping


Homemade masks are not medical devices and are not regulated like medical masks and respirators:

  • they are not tested to be recognized standards
  • the fabrics are not the same as used in surgical masks or respirators
  • the edges are not meant to form a seal around the nose and mouth

These masks may not be effective in blocking virus particles that may be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or specific medical procedures. They do not provide complete protection from virus particles because of a potential loose fit and the materials used. https://www.canada.ca/

In conclusion

Please be mindful and respect each other opinions during the pandemic. Not everyone can or want to wear a mask. Social distancing is problematic for our kids; let them play and enjoy their life.

The best way to stay healthy is to clean your hands often with soap & water. Do not touch your face with dirty hands. Move your body, eat healthily, drink plenty of water. Have a routine to sleep properly at night. Go outside! Stop to fears and instead enjoy your life.

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