Communication Skills

communication skills

The importance of communication skills is crucial to hear, understand and interact with others successfully. It doesn’t only apply to your love life, but everywhere, like at home with your family, work and your coworkers and everyday life to interact with people. Having the right skills set to communicate is primordial in today’s world. It’s not hard to learn and change to be successful. Keep in mind that the first reason for a misunderstanding is the inability to speak well or listen effectively.

What is communication skills?

Communicate effectively; it’s an essential life skill. It enables us to pass information to other people and understand the message we want to pass on. To do that effectively, we use our voice, writing skills, visual and non-verbal. For example, body language, gestures, tone and voice are non-verbal communication. It helps us build trust, respect and create the right conditions to share ideas and solve problems. It’s not only about the way we talk but also your understanding and how you listen. Yes, listening is a huge part of communication. If you don’t listen attentively, how can you answer and communicate?

Importance of communication skills

What are the seven barriers?

We have some behaviours that get in the way to communicate effectively with others. The seven barriers are:

  1. Not being attentive when others talk to you- Being on your phone texting/scrolling, or looking away. You cannot listen and understand when you don’t pay attention. Mindfulness and how to be mindful?
  2. Judging- If you conclude before you hear what the other person has to say. Your mind is busy with criticism and blocks everything before you can listen. You are judging before knowing.
  3. Thinking about your answer- Thinking about what you want to answer before the end of the communication is the same as not being present. You missed some information as you are not fully present mentally.
  4. Using difficult language- The use of complicated words is a barrier to good communication. You express yourself to be understood, not to show you can use technical terms.
  5. Unwanted advice- People do not need advice or solution when they talk to you. They want someone to listen to their concerns and be there for them.
  6. Avoiding concern-Not listening to the person’s concern and changing the conversation without addressing the problem of finding a solution.
  7. Understanding- Understand what the person says to you is so important to answer adequately. For that, you have to listen attentively and be present in the moment.

Developing communication skills

Developing communication skills takes practice every day. The development of new skills takes time to improve, but with persistence, support and guidance, nothing is impossible with the right mindset. Excellent communication skills open new possibilities and partnerships to you.

  • Always say what you think and feel in your own words.
  • Make eye contact with the person you talk to.
  • Be aware of your body language. Your words are one thing, but your body should synchronize with what you express.
  • Communicate with patience, calmy and with the compassion of others.
  • Listen attentively; communication is one part of speaking, and the other should be listening with attention to understanding.
  • Speak slowly; don’t rush. Find your peace when you talk.
  • Use a dynamic way to express your opinion; don’t be monotone or lose people’s interest.
  • Ask questions to make sure you understand the meaning of the conversation if you are not sure.
  • When you speak, be transparent, confident, and go to the point.
  • Have empathy for others. Learn to put yourself in others’ shoes to understand what they are going through.
  • Be trustworthy to gain respect. Meaning-do what you say and say what you do.
  • Take the quiz to discover where you can ease your communication skills.

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Ready to take the next step

Do you want help and support to implement what you learn of the importance of communication skills? Join Catherine for more in-depth skills in communication and conflict resolution. Get the skills and the tools to be an efficient communicator. Conflict resolution and communication skills are the most important social skill to have in your toolbox. Those sets of skills bring you your dream job, relationship and friendship. Communicating and listening effectively, by being attentive, being present in the moment without thinking about what you have to do next. The body language and the code to understand the meaning. Conflict resolution is a good match as communication plays a significant role in conflict resolution. Still, learn to deal efficiently with conflict, and you may apply in your relationship or work settings. You discover a lot about yourself by realizing what you want in your life.

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