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Catherine A. is a Stress Management Coach, due to today’s busy and demanding lifestyles, many people are struggling with daily stress. The Stress Management Program is designed for the leader as well as professionals who are juggling between work and family, who want to learn to manage their stress with a holistic solution. Students will also benefit from this Stress Management Program. Through our stress management Program, you will learn how to reduce and respond appropriately to stressors (both good and bad) and simultaneously regain the control of your life, stress free. Your family or friends are always talking about how “stressed” they feel and how they need stress relievers to help them cope with their present lifestyle. Come join me to learn how you can manage, overcome and heal the stress and anxiety in your life by targeting its root cause and subsequent manifestations. Catherine A. uses Yoga, Meditation, mindfulness, meditation and Coaching Techniques to help you on your healing journey.

Meet Catherine A.

My mind and body are in peace.



 Catherine A. is

your stress management coach & Life coach.

“ The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” William James



Catherine A. is bilingual in French and English. Born in France and leaving in Canada for 20 years. Catherine’s multifaceted career has taken her into the world of business, teacher, mentor, support worker, leader, coaching, counselling, and holistic approach.
Know has an open mind person, who like to have a positive impact on the life of others, by teaching, supporting, empowering, guiding and mentoring. Catherine has a strong belief in the mind’s power and the interaction between mind and body. Being healthy is her “motto”, cooking healthy, meditation, yoga, being mindful it is her everyday go.
Her ability to find understanding from her life’s stresses, opportunities, challenges and successes make her qualified to help others handle their stress and to strive toward life-balance and personal achievement. The extent of her experiences and accomplishments allow her to bring creative means of helping people solve the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives, as she has done in her life.
She holds a degree in Counselling/psychology and a member with ICF (International Coach Federation). She worked with children with and without disabilities, and also adults as a support worker. Catherine worked in the hospitality industry for a long time and travel with her work. She was the owner and manager of a few restaurants businesses and detain her Food & beverage management.



Other certifications:

-Certified stress management coach
-Degree in professional grief & bereavement counselling and Family therapy
-Life Coach Speciality Practitioner Mindfulness and Certified Law of attraction.
-Certified suicide awareness & intervention, strategy for supporting resilience, Trauma-Informed Care, Trauma awareness, Strategies for self-regulation, addiction & mental illness, relationships.
-Certified Theraplay, resilience in children, preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s), practical tools for responding to children & youth, mental health concerns in children & youth, trauma-informed practice approaches with children, child abuse protocols, self-injury behaviour in youth.

Code of Ethics, by ICF

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