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Coaching package

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Eight weeks Coaching Package


Eight weeks of coaching sessions package for $799.00.

Coaching takes place one time per week for one hour, each session.

Between the sessions, e-mails and text via WhatsApp for support and guidance.

An unexpected change in a relationship is challenging to affront, but Catherine is here to bring you her total supports. Experiencing a separation, divorce or wanting to find your perfect match is not easy. On the other hand, creating an ideal lifelong partnership, with your ideal love; It's possible. It's not difficult to run away from our problem, and start again. If you don't face them, eventually, the same issue comes back.

Any relationship evolves during a lifetime as you do too. Knowledge is power. In conclusion, establishing the tools, you are missing to have the perfect relationship you dream. Implementing them daily into your life gives you success in creating your ideal relationship.


CA$39.95 (tax)
Total: CA$838.95

Published by Catherine A. Life Coach

Thank you for taking the step of seeking support. Catherine is a counsellor/psychologist, a certified relationship and family coach, Stress Management Coach, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner and other relevant qualification. Over 20 years in helping clients with relationship issues and feeling good in their mind and body.

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