Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

The majority of conflict starts with a misunderstanding or the way others communicate with each other.

Learning our to communicate effectively is primordial before knowing how to resolve any conflict.

Join Catherine for more in-depth skills in communication and conflict resolution. Get the skills and the tools to be an efficient communicator. Conflict resolution and communication skills are the most important social skill to have in your toolbox. Those sets of skills bring to you, your dream job, relationship and friendship. Communicating and listening effectively, by being attentive, being present in the moment without thinking about what you have to do next. The body language and the code to understand the meaning. Conflict resolution is a good match as communication plays a significant role in conflict resolution. Still, also learn to deal efficiently with conflict, and you may apply in your relationship or work settings. You discover a lot about yourself by realizing what you want in your life.

The program runs for 12 weeks.


CA$44.95 (tax)
Total: CA$943.95

Published by Catherine A. Life Coach

Thank you for taking the step of seeking support. Catherine is a counsellor/psychologist, a certified relationship and family coach, Stress Management Coach, Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner and other relevant qualification. Over 20 years in helping clients with relationship issues and feeling good in their mind and body.

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