Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Your immune system protects your body from illness and disease. You have only one body. The best way to protect it against viruses and bacteria is to keep it function properly. In other words, your body needs balance and harmony to feel great. Many illnesses, for example, stomach upset, headache, and heart disease are linked toContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System Naturally”

Communication Skills

The importance of communication skills is crucial to hear, understand and interact with others successfully. It doesn’t only apply to your love life, but everywhere, like at home with your family, work and your coworkers and everyday life to interact with people. Having the right skills set to communicate is primordial in today’s world. It’sContinue reading “Communication Skills”

During the pandemic

Mental effects During the pandemic, many experts warn isolation to worsen or trigger mental health problems. Our Elderlies are socially isolated or lonely in ways that put their health at risk. Social distancing and loneliness are a severe threat. Though it’s hard to measure at this present moment, strong evidence suggests that older adults withContinue reading “During the pandemic”

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