Fears in your life

The distress is real They are widespread; we all have some. You may not be aware of some of your worries, but some of your behaviours come from fears and may impact your daily life. Fears like stress are not always wrong; It comes from a primal origin when your ancestors had to hunt and …

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New Year and the changes

2020 is on the way, and we are leaving 2019 behind us. Many people expected New Year brings everything new. In reality, if you do not make some change on your own, nothing changes. If you are dissatisfied with what is happening in your life, it ‘s the time to clean up what is not …

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Grief & Loss at Christmas

Not everybody has the chance to spend the holiday season with their loved ones or their family at Christmas. Many people battle grief and loss; this time of the year is challenging, and they feel lonely. Grief and Loss at Christmas can be challenging to appreciate the meaning of the season. Christmas is the time …

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Boy with ADHD & stress

Having a boy with ADHD/ODD, This time of the year is stressful for him and the people around. School is almost done, few more days before the Christmas break start. I can tell you; I cannot wait. The fatigue begins to take on him, and that shows especially at school with his social skills. He …

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The Christmas Holiday's

Stress-free during Christmas With Christmas Holiday around the corner, it can be overwhelming for some people. It is a busy month! Especially if you have kids at school, and you juggle between work and family. Having a stress-free during the Christmas holiday is my number 1. I love this time of the year, but it …

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