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Work and stress

Stress at work We all need a job to pay the bills and make a living. Otherwise, we cannot afford life. A study shows that the majority of us deal with daily stress at work. Stress is part of life and it can motivate and push you. Especially when you want to accomplish or finish something. … Continue reading Work and stress

Men and stress

Men under stress and anxiety. Women and men experience both stresses. Men do not always recognize the pressures until it takes control of their lives. Anxiety & Stress management will help with tools you need to reverse the potential threat. Coping with stress Stress protects us from dealing with it. It asks us to confront … Continue reading Men and stress

Turning 50 without stress

Enjoy your 50 without stress and anxiety. Live your best part of your life

How travelling can reduce your stress?

 How travel reduced your stress and ameliorated your creativity?   You work hard all year round, life is busy with work, study, family and other obligations. Between busy schedules and budgets, it is not easy to plan a getaway. Getting away, even for a short period, do wonders for your well-being, mentally and physically.Travelling helps … Continue reading How travelling can reduce your stress?

Improve your Stress

  What is stress? Stress is not always bad. At a low level, stress prepares our bodies for daily challenges by boosting energy, improving mental performance, and focusing attention. It is when pressure is extreme or lasts for too long, that it becomes problematic and dangerous.Unhealthy levels of stress contribute to heart disease, anxiety, depression, … Continue reading Improve your Stress

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