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Catherine A.

Thank you for taking the step of seeking support and information. My name is Catherine. I am a counsellor/psychology, a certified relationship & a family coach, with over 20 years in helping clients with a life transition. 

I provide support for a range of emotional issues; however, my focus is on your relationships; divorce, separation, betrayal and infidelity.  Also, as your well-being as an impact on the way you respond to the problem, keeping a healthy balance with your mind and body is a crucial part of life transition.

My first experience in working with clients who experience trauma, career changed and managing their stress.

Changes may be scary, with much uncertainty; It’s completely normal to feel lost. However, you do not have to face the challenges alone. Sometimes, we need a helping hand during a difficult time. 

Humanistic theory strives to help you fulfill your potential and maximize your well-being. It’s a positive approach that focuses on you like a person’s nature. The emphasis is on your positive traits and behaviours; and the ability to use your instincts to find discernment, growth, healing, and fulfillment within yourselves.

The other theory uses a holistic approach to your body and mind. It transforms your health and well-being and benefits your relationship. By making you more patient, understanding, loving and becoming aware of who you are in life.

I look forward to hearing from you.


What clients  have to said

Catherine has helped me with my past relationships and career choices.
Because of her, I am now in a steady, healthy relationship and have the career of my dreams.
She listens to you and helps guide you through your problems.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach.


Possibly the most positive person I could know—a divine direction in life. Along with helping me manage things, she devotes her spare time to assisting others to get through. I couldn’t be happy knowing Catherine. She’s been a positive change for me.


Un grand professionnalisme et une écoute sincère.



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