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Catherine focuses on supporting you during life transition with your relationship and well-being; Through the expected and unexpected changes during the life span.

My focus is on your relationships; divorce, separation, betrayal and infidelity.  Also, as your well-being as an impact on the way you respond to the problem, keeping a healthy balance with your mind and body is a crucial part of life transition.

Learn the keys to embrace any change and keep a healthy balance mentally & physically.


Online Coaching sessions

Catherine offers online coaching sessions via skype, zoom and WhatsApp. Access high-quality coaching at the time and place the most convenient for you.
 Online coaching provides the perfect solution without leaving your home.

Benefits of Online Coaching

A lot of research indicates the results you get are as good as face-to-face sessions.
You access it in the convenience of your home.
It is accessible when you need it.
You don’t have to drive.

What Issues Can You Help?

My focus is on relationships, divorce, separation, betrayal, infidelity and well-being. I use a Humanistic and holistic approach, both emphasis on finding “who you are,” to have the fulfilling life you want.

When you feel anxious, stress, and overwhelm, it’s hard to have a clear vision of the situation and find an appropriate solution. It’s the reason for the importance of your well-being. By attaining this stage, you can deal with your issue.

 With the use of evidence-based Theories, coaching provides you with the tools you need to overcome your challenges and accept them. 

Life transition

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