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Welcome to my store. I opened this store because I enjoy crystals and gems for their beauty and their healing benefits. As a young child, I used to collect them for their beauty. I started back one year ago and learned about their healing benefits. I decide to integrate them into my store, as they can be complementary to the work I do and could be beneficial for you. They are handmade, and I choose the stones and design each of the pieces with love.

healing necklace from the store




The ancient civilization used crystals and stones for thousands of years.   Rocks and gems are known to release the mental, physical and spiritual blockage to the one who uses them.

 Our bodies and crystals produce energy, and both have their vibrations, which make us receptive to the vibrations of each other. That’s the reason crystals and gems are great healing benefits and may help with your healing process.

 colours  properties of  gems


White crystals are good with sleep energy and purity.
They are used for attracting good fortune, as well as in giving protection.
It intensifies the vibrations of some other crystals and stones.
 White crystals are believed to possess all the colours; they may substitute the other stones of any colour. 

Some of the white crystals, like Selenite, are useful to clean the energy of other stones.


Black stones absorb light. They will show you the hidden potential of any situation. Black is solidifying and manifesting. It holds all energies quietly within itself and requires patience to explore fully. Black stones are usually grounding, acting as energy anchors to help you return to a healthy functioning state. Black stones have a purifying role.

Meditation with crystals:

 Crystals for meditation is a great tool to deepen your intention with the right stone. It can help you raise your consciousness, awareness, and increase your intuition. It may help you start or maintain the practise of meditating by focusing on attracting what you desire.


colour and healing propriety


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