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Men and stress

Men under stress and anxiety. Women and men experience both stresses. Men do not always recognize the pressures until it takes control of their lives. Anxiety & Stress management will help with tools you need to reverse the potential threat. Coping with stress Stress protects us from dealing with it. It asks us to confront … Continue reading Men and stress

Turning 50 without stress

Enjoy your 50 without stress and anxiety. Live your best part of your life

Relationships and the effect on stress

Relationships bring you joy, security, love, a sense of belonging, but It can bring more stress when you are not together for the right reasons. When this is the case, pressure installed itself between you and your partner.   How can you remedy the effect of stress on your relationships? By knowing the reason you … Continue reading Relationships and the effect on stress

Sensory room for stress relieve

What is Self-care? Sensory room for calming stress, ADHD, anxiety Clear your stress and anxiety in a sensory room to regain your peace. The sensory room is excellent for relieving all stress and anxiety.    What is the sensory room? Stress and anxiety relieved by using a sensory room; it is something you have to … Continue reading Sensory room for stress relieve

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